Amazing Tips to Score the Best Accommodation in Cambodia

After days and months of hard work, you are finally about to head off to a relaxing trip you deserve the most. What better way to make your stay in Cambodia than by getting the best place to spend on for the rest of your vacation. You don’t need to break your budget to find a clean and comfortable accommodation. There are plenty of options for you from a single room in a budget hostel to the nature-friendly Cambodia water villa. Here is a quick guide to read before you make your final arrangements.

cambodia water villa

Budget Accommodation

You are travelling on a tight budget but you still want to have a pleasant place to stay in. Do not settle for less and find a good backpacker hotel within the city. If you don’t have a problem staying in with other guests, you can opt for a dormitory type hostel. This way, you also get to meet and acquaint with other travellers and backpackers like you. Meanwhile, if you are planning to stop by cities near some islands, you can find some famous overwater bungalows Cambodia has that other tourists are very fond of. You get to save your money without compromising your comfort.

Mid-Range Accommodation

Most of these hotels are at the city proper where tourists flock and in some resorts that are close to famous landmarks. The perks of staying in here are that you get in-house pools where you can lounge all day when not touring around the area. Aside from that, you also enjoy other hotel facilities in your room which usually include a hot and cold private bathroom, a coffee maker, and a mini-bar. At the end of the day, you can then dine at one of the restaurants in the hotel before you make a quick trip to its spa. If you have a bit of an extra on your budget, you can opt for these places or you can actually book a Riverlodge resort as well which offers a bit better experience when compared to a budget accommodation. See more at Ecolodges

Luxurious Accommodation

Since you are already taking a break from your hectic schedule, why don’t you consider going all out with where you will be staying in? You can get yourself a Cambodia water villa from idyllic nature resorts to immerse yourself with the scenic ambiance of the country. On the other hand, you can also go for a five-star hotel that welcomes you with complimentary drinks. Like a mid-range accommodation, luxurious places also have facilities such as a gym, a pool, and a spa. However, in comparison, their facilities are more updated and top of the line. Also, their rooms are expectedly bigger and are equipped with softer sheets, fancy showers, and other fixtures. Treat yourself to a satisfying luxurious experience even just once in a while.

With the list above, you can start weighing in your wants and needs to have a proper allocation from your budget. You just have to remember that whether you are in a shared dormitory type room or in a Cambodia water villa, the most important part of your trip is the experience you will take home with you after.

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