Automobile Selling: Tips on How to Get the Top Dollar when Selling your Old Bike

You have already enjoyed the best of your current bike and have another one you are eyeing, but the financial constraints dictate that you sell your current one first. Well, selling an old bike is not the easiest thing to do since the value of used bikes is very dynamic. This dynamism is very dangerous since you can easily get very little money for your bike. In the modern day, the world has gone digital, and if you are selling your bike, you can post it up on a website, for instance, and get a customer within some time. Getting an ideal customer is one thing but getting one pays the right price for the bike is the real challenge here. Here are some easy ways to ensure you get the maximum money out of your bike sale.


Make The Bike Clean and Sparky


This reason sounds a bit subtle, but it impacts a lot on the price of the bike. A bike that looks fresh and waxed gives a good impression of the motorcycle to the prospective buyer. People who know around their way with bikes are aware that a super clean bike is well maintained. A motorcycle that has been maintained well begs for a higher price since the buyer won’t spend a lot of money on repairs.


Please note that you do not have to go for the crazy cleaning for you to impress your prospective buyer. Overdoing it makes the cleaning look fake, and one made to impress the customer, something that may work against you.


Bring Along your Old Original Parts


You will probably see this particular tip on websites like that deal with motorcycle selling. If you have owned your bike for some considerable time, it is obvious that you may have some original accessories lying somewhere. Please note that the old parts should be in good condition and not the spoilt ones.


Including these parts alongside the bike will help boost its value. You should calculate the value of the parts added onto the package, and you will realize that it was well worth the deal. Buyers appreciate these extras, and it also encourages them to make the buy since they believe they will have great options with their bike experience.


Throw in some Extra Accessories


Bike enthusiasts like to match their bikes with matching accessories as seen from Buyers are thrilled with this aspect of bike riding and do not mind digging in deeper for these accessories. You should take advantage of this and include any extra accessory be it a jacket, matching helmet or riding gloves.


These accessories form a significant part of the bike riding thrill and including them allows you to set a higher price for your bike. These accessories are probably much useful when selling your bike and so including them should not be much of a biggie to you.


The tips stated above are very helpful in playing with the minds of your prospective buyers and getting a good price for your bike. Other tips for conducting an effective research and writing a proper ad can also help sell your bike fast and profitably.


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