Beginner’s Guide to Essential Diving Gear and Equipment

What scuba diving gear and equipment do you need? This is often the first question that hobbyists ask once they decide to take their love for diving to the next level. Before you head to a dive shop Auckland has to offer, it is important to identify the most essential gear and equipment you need as a beginner. It is no secret that diving equipment can be expensive; hence, you want to be smart about what you buy and make sure that it is actually necessary.

To help you make the right choice when you visit a dive shop in Auckland, check out this list of must-have diving gear and equipment:


A wet suit is the first piece of diving gear that you should invest in. You can easily find them on an Auckland dive shop and are available in a variety of brands. If you are going to go into a diving class, you can rent wetsuits from the diving school. But for hygienic reason, you should always bring your own wetsuit. Another reason for buying your own diving suit is that you can guarantee that the fit will be customized to your own body and size. Therefore, you can be comfortable throughout your dive.

BCD or Buoyancy Control Device

A buoyancy control device is another item you should pick up from a dive shop Auckland has today. This refers to the jacket worn by divers that enable them to control their buoyancy while in the water. There is an integrated system into the jacket that enables you to add or remove air so you can ascend or descend whenever you need or want to. There are a wide range of BCDs in the market starting from lightweight ones (that you can carry around with you) and heavy duty ones (ideal for cold water divers). Check out at Go Dive Center


Some expert divers claim that this is one of the most important diving equipment you need. A pressure regulator is responsible for reducing the pressure from the diving cylinder tank into ambient pressure making it easy for divers to breathe into. The gas travels through a valve to allow normal breathing underwater.

Diving Cylinder

This refers to the tank that you must carry on your back while diving. You will find this in many dive shop Auckland has to offer. It is responsible for containing pressurized gas that will be distributed to your regulator. This is an important equipment for diver’s safety especially for those spending a lot of time underwater. Hence, choose a high quality cylinder for diving.


A mask is an important diving equipment because this will enable you to see underwater and protects your eyes at the same time. There are three types of masks available to buy: split lens (the most common type), single lens and multiple lens. You can also select between framed and frameless masks.

With this knowledge on the essential diving gears you need, you can now search for the best dive shop in Auckland. Make sure all of the essential equipment are on-hand when you set out to dive. This will enable you to dive safely and efficiently! For more information, visit at: