How to Have an Adventure in Auckland

Auckland is the capital city of New Zealand. It is also known to many as a metropolitan area. However, what many tourists do not know is that it is a haven for adventure travelers. Indeed, there are many adventure tours Auckland has to offer for those who seek the thrill. If you are this type of traveler, be sure to check out what adventure awaits you when you travel to Auckland.




If you consider yourself a climbing enthusiast, you will be thrilled with what Auckland has to offer. There are several glaciers, mountains and national parks near Auckland that you can explore by climbing or hiking its nature trails. The best part about climbing is that the journey is as equally satisfying as the destination itself. With a city filled with so much natural beauty, you will be treated to some amazing views that you have not seen before!


Adventure Rides/Experiences


If there is one thing that adventure tours Auckland is best known for, it’s the thrill adventures available such as bungee jumping and sky walk tours. The Auckland Bridge is a popular destination for tourists who would like to experience the famous bungee jump in New Zealand. You must climb the Auckland Harbour Bridge and jump down below you in an effort to defy gravity. If you are the adventurous type, this experience will give you a different kind of rush.




This experience takes the idea of Auckland adventure tours to the next level. Tried bungee jumping but still left wanting more? Then, skydiving is for you! It is definitely not an activity for everyone. But if you dare, you will be rewarded with an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. Jumping off the plane thousands of feet off the air is definitely for the brave of heart. If you are a beginner, you can still try it as there are also tandem skydiving available wherein you will be paired with pro skydivers.


Rafting or Canyoning


These are some of the most popular options for adventure travelers to Auckland. You can choose to go rafting (if you prefer exploring the white waters in Auckland) or canyoning (if you are more into land adventures). Either way, both experiences will provide you with a different kind of rush and views to enjoy along the way.


Hot Air Balloon Ride


It’s not everyday that you will get the chance to ride a hot air balloon. But if you must, then do it in New Zealand. There are several companies that specialize in adventure tours Auckland has to offer that provide these kinds of tours. You can even pick a destination that you want to explore, which gives you a unique perspective of the sights. A hot air balloon ride will take you hundreds of feet off the air so you can see the sights of Auckland unlike you’ve ever experienced before.


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