Top Reasons For Car Accidents In Australia And How To Avoid Them

Recently opened by a giant in the American department store universe, they are now providing 360-degree vehicle assessment and auto center providing vehicle repair and check-ups in San Antonio. A little closer to home, NSW has seen its fair share of motor car disasters, statistically reported to be on the rise. The following article highlights the top 5 reasons for vehicular crashes resulting in a desperate need to hunt down a lawyer or find a safe, free replacement vehicle.

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It is collectively agreed upon that the number one cause of road accidents in Australia is not drunk driving. Distracted drivers are not only a threat to themselves and their passengers but everyone on the road as well. The most common cause for distraction on the road usually involves talking on one’s cellphone, sending an “important” work message and the strangest yet surprisingly common reason, eating food on the go. If you have experienced any of these unfortunate events, make sure you have insurance and find a local free replacement vehicle in NSW.

Road Rage Or Speeding

A free replacement vehicle might be required if you indulge in negative driving habits. Road rage has never been cool except for 70s rock and roll movies that never end well for a particular car or person. With highways getting better every year and cars becoming faster and sleeker, enjoy the drive without putting yourself at risk. Speeding through red lights also causes more accidents in Australia than drunk driving.

Drunk Driving

What may have seemed okay to indulge in due to peer pressure as a teenager, becomes a permanent scar on your record. Drunk driving is a serious offense globally resulting in horrific ways to die. Taking responsibility behind the wheel is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves and their families. Everyone has their alcohol limit, however driving after consumption causes reckless driving, blurry vision, and heightened aggression.

Bad Weather & Defects

You may not have control over the weather; however, you should be responsible regarding your vehicle, especially if you choose to drive in bad weather. Rain and hail are a cause for worry in NSW, especially during the flood season. You can make sure your tyres are not worn out, windshield wipers work perfectly well and service your brakes at your local auto body shop that may also provide a free replacement vehicle, in case your car needs to stay in the shop.

Night Driving Or Feeling Sleepy

Although you should never underestimate the therapeutic value of driving at night to clear your head, night driving, especially for seniors and teenage drivers, has been proven as bad judgment. When you cannot see the road ahead, your senses do not know what to anticipate as you drive towards it. As the sun goes down, your awareness of the road and cars around you should increase. If an elderly person in your family or community has faced an accident due to night driving, you can help them by speaking with a counselor who would run necessary eye tests as well as find a local NSW free replacement vehicle, only to be driven in the daytime.

Unsafe Lane Changes, Tailgating & Wrong-Way Driving

When drivers make irresponsible lane changes, it often leads to a car accident. Always use your turn signal, check your blind spots and proceed carefully into the next lane. Sometimes a lapse of judgment causes driving the wrong way; especially if you are unfamiliar with the locale. However, you need to ensure that you stop on the side and wait for the oncoming traffic to pass to make your turn. Tailgating is always caused by impatient driving, causing permanent neck injuries or body pain. Always give the car ahead of you a one-car buffer to prevent an accident. You might need to hire a free replacement vehicle from your local auto shop, while your insurance takes care of your car and the one you might have hit.

Being safe on the road is a requirement for all license holders. It is trust placed on you by the government to have the freedom to commute and should never be taken lightly. In case you are facing vehicular meltdown, you can take care of your auto body needs and find free replacement vehicle online on sites like